Introducing the Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Meter - Coming in June 2019

The Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter combines lab tested ballistics with an accurate, rugged weather meter, creating the simple tool you need to shoot long range with confidence.

Available Features:

  • Accurate Environmentals – Measures wind speed and direction, temperature, and pressure.
  • G1/G7 Ballistics Solver – Large library of lab tested bullet data for shooting solutions out to 875yds.
  • User-Friendly – Simple 3 button operation and Easy Mode step-by-step guidance on getting started.
  • Protective Slip-On Cover – Slides over the entire unit for added durability.
  • Rugged, All-Weather Durability - IP-67 Waterproof, MIL-STD-810 drop-tested, long life battery and backed by 5-Year Warranty.
  • Load & Go Convenience – Upload a gun profile for your specific rifle and bullet in the 2700 using the free Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app, then leave your phone behind – the 2700 is a fully functional, stand-alone field tool.
  • Free Kestrel LiNK Ballistics App – View solutions remotely and easily build, store, and transfer gun and bullet data to and from unit and view solutions remotely using.

MSRP: $199 USD

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