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Introducing the Kestrel 5700 Weather Meter with built-in Hornaday 4DOF Ballistic Calculator

Introducing the Kestrel 5700 Weather Meter with built-in Hornaday 4DOF Ballistic Calculator

Now Shipping: The Kestrel Hornady® 4DOF® advanced handheld Ballistics Meter for long range hunters and shooters offers next level accuracy for first round hits at extended ranges.

The Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF quickly and accurately determines long range holdovers and windage corrections to get you on target with first round hits. This all-in-one unit combines real-time environmental measurements with the 4DOF ballistics calculator for a rugged and dependable, compact yet powerful long-range shooting tool. No more DOPE cards, guessing at the wind, or being unsure where your bullet will hit when you change elevation.

The Kestrel Hornady® 4DOF® (Four Degrees Of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator:

Determines trajectory solutions based on projectile Drag Coefficient (not Ballistic Coefficient), combined with exact physical modeling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties. Additionally, it is the first publicly available calculator that will accurately determine the correct vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind; referred to as Aerodynamic Jump (AJ).

The Hornady 4DOF® also accurately calculates angled shots by accounting for important conditions that current programs overlook. The use of Drag Coefficient and the calculation of Aerodynamic Jump enable the Hornady 4DOF® Ballistic Calculator to be the most accurate trajectory calculator commercially available.

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