Heat Stress Meters

Most Kestrel Meters which report temperature & humidity also have the capability of reporting the heat stress index.

The meters below are popular with our professional customers who rely on using heat stress index to even more specialized readings including WBGT and THI (5400) in their job functions. The 5400 series meters are dedicated heat stress meters with audible and visual warnings which not only report heat stress but also Wet Bulb Globe Temperature without the need for distilled water or a bulky globe. For our cattle ranchers check out the Kestrel 5400AG Heat Stress Tracker. With the 5400AG you will get, Heat Load Index (HLI), Temperature-Humidity Index (THI), Accumulated Heat Load Units (AHLU), Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), heat index, Delta T, temperature, humidity and much more. 21 measurements in all! The Kestrel 5400AG Cattle Heat Stress Tracker is designed to help you MEASURE and MANAGE your herd’s heat stress, ensuring you MAXIMIZE your bottom line. Click here for the entire Kestrel Agriculture Line of Meters. For our firefighter friends check out the Kestrel 5400FW Fire Weather Meter Pro. The Kestrel 5400FW Pro measures Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), Probability of Ignition (PIG), Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM), temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and much more. 20 measurements in all! Click here for the entire Fire Weather Line of Meters.

Industrial Worker Heat Stress

Don't Guess - Kestrel Makes It Easy to Confirm Safe Working Conditions

Are hot conditions a concern in your workplace? Extreme conditions can cause lost productivity, costly sick time, regulatory violations and legal liability. Ensure OSHA compliance and protect your valuable employees by monitoring environmental conditions with the Kestrel Heat Stress Trackers.

  • Identify equipment and machinery that creates localized hot spots.
  • Conduct hazard analysis and determine critical control points.
  • Know when to trigger heat protection measures to prevent heat illness.
  • Upload and retain data to keep OSHA records & documentation to protect your company.

    Recommended Products:

    Kestrel 3000HS Pocket Handheld Heat Stress Meter  
    Kestrel 5400 Kestrel 3000HS DROP D2HS

    Military, Law Enforcement, First Responder Training

    Kestrel's military digital HST meters are battle-tested proven performers. Employed by combat weather personnel, snipers and drop zone safety officers for more than a decade, Kestrel meters can be found anywhere that environmental conditions impact operational effectiveness. The HST Heat Stress Tracker is designed to be the best military WBGT monitoring tool available.

    • Properly acclimatize soldiers to ensure maximize performance.
    • Ensure compliance with command guidelines by setting work/rest intervals, water consumption requirements and exposure limits at specified WBGT levels.
    • Prevent heat illness that threatens military personnel and operational success.

    Recommended Products:

    Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Meter in Dessert Tan Kestrel 3000HS Pocket Handheld Heat Stress Meter  
    Kestrel 5400 Kestrel 3000HS DROP D2HS
    Kestrel 5400FW Fire Weather Heat Stress Meter
    Kestrel 5400 FW

    Athletic Heat Stress

    Exertional Heat Stress Injuries are 100% Preventable with the Right Tools

    Preventing exertional heat stress in athletics has become an important responsibility of many athletic trainers, coaches and other sports-related healthcare providers. During every athletic endeavor, from little league to professional sports, lives depend on accurate measurement of environmental conditions.

    • Properly acclimatize individuals based on on-site data, and protect those individuals from the chance of exertional heat stress and adverse medical conditions.
    • Provide documentation of conditions by logging information throughout several practices, games, and events.
    • Ensure compliance with your state's heat stress guidlines.
    • Monitor multiple fields, gyms, and athletic facilities.

    Recommended Products:

    Kestrel 3000HS Pocket Handheld Heat Stress Meter  
    Kestrel 5400 Kestrel 3000HS DROP D2HS

    Farmworker Safety

    Save Lives and Preserve Worker Health

    Farmworkers and other agricultural employees face intense conditions doing physical labor outdoors under the full sun with limited or no shade. Employers can take steps to prevent heat-related illness by monitoring the conditions in the field where workers face risk. By proactively monitoring the environmental parameters, heat stress injury can be avoided while maintaining safe and productive farm operations. With email notifications, farm managers and owners can be easily and instantly alerted to dangerous working conditions.

    Recommended Products:

    Kestrel 3000HS Pocket Handheld Heat Stress Meter  
    Kestrel 5400 Kestrel 3000HS DROP D2HS

    Working Dog Heat Stress

    Whether in the patrol vehicle, the facility kennels, or outdoor training grounds – the Kestrel heat stress line offers protection for working dogs whether on or off duty. Effective and safe K9 operations require close monitoring of the temperature, humidity, and heat stress conditions in the area where the dogs are working or sheltered. DROPs can easily monitor and alert K9 handlers to unsafe conditions allowing officers or staff to respond quickly, ensuring the safety of their dogs.

    Recommended Products:

    Kestrel 3000HS Pocket Handheld Heat Stress Meter  
    Kestrel 5400 Kestrel 3000HS DROP D2HS

    Farm Animal Heat Stress

    Using accurate, on-site microclimate data for farm management can significantly improve productivity. Environmental conditions can vary widely based on exposure, air flow and soil conditions. Whether you’re measuring heat index in a chicken coop, soil temperature for crops or measuring WBGT in the cockpits of agricultural spray pilots, Kestrel provides a heat stress solution tailored to your needs at an affordable price.

    • Select crop locations, monitor barns for ventilation and heat conditions, avoid conditions that can damage crops or stored harvests.
    • Conduct irrigation audits.
    • Ensure costly fertilizers and sprays are effectively and safely applied.
    • Minimize waste and maximize productivity by turning accurate weather knowledge into actionable data.

    Recommended Products:

    Kestrel 3000HS Pocket Handheld Heat Stress Meter  
    Kestrel 5400AG Kestrel 3000HS DROP D2HS

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