Kestrel 5400 Waterless WBGT Heat Stress Tracker

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Most user-friendly WBGT meter on the market. Detect when heat-related conditions are unsafe well before your body does.

The next generation of WBGT and environment monitoring is the here with the Kestrel 5400 Weather Meter.

The Kestrel 5400 is a handheld, portable, WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) measurement tool and environmental data logger. No need for distilled water, bulky globes, complicated setup or expensive equipment. Getting accurate measurements couldn’t be easier: just hold the Kestrel Heat Stress Tracker in the area of interest for both instantaneous and average WBGT measurements. Set the appropriate WBGT thresholds for flag warnings and the loud buzzer, bright LED beacon and on-screen warnings provide instant notification of dangerous conditions. Plus the Kestrel 5400 comes with commonly used heat safety guidelines on a handy, waterproof chart.

Unlike other WBGT meters on the market, the Kestrel 5400 is a full-featured weather meter as well. Measure wind speed, maximum wind gusts, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind chill, density altitude and more. No matter what your activity, the Kestrel 5400 provides insight into the critical conditions affecting safety, performance and success. The Kestrel 5400 with LiNK wireless data communication adds a compass for tracking wind direction as well, expanding its usability to include HAZMAT response, and even measuring headwind at the running track!

In addition to measuring the current environmental conditions, the Kestrel 5400 tracks and logs over 10,000 sets of time-stamped data. Your data log can be transferred to a mobile device wirelessly with the LiNK wireless communication option and Kestrel LiNK app, or to a PC/MAC with either the accessory Kestrel LiNK Dongle or waterproof USB Data Transfer Cable (available separately).

Pair the Kestrel 5400 with the optional Kestrel Vane Mount for hands-free measurements over the course of the practice, training session or workday. And for maximum functionality, choose the Kestrel 5400 with LiNK to transmit live measurements to your phone or tablet when you’re within range. The Kestrel LiNK app will also display alerts on your mobile device to let you know when conditions have become dangerous.

Models & SKUs:

  • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker (Orange): 0854ORA
  • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker (Tan): 0854TAN
  • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker + Vane Mount (Orange): 0854VORA
  • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker + Vane Mount (Tan): 0854VTAN
  • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker Pro with Compass and LiNK + Vane Mount (Orange): 0854LVCORA
  • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker Pro with Compass and LiNK + Vane Mount (TAN): 0854LVCTAN


Ask a Question
  • I'd like to know whether the LiNK is necessary to purchase with the Kestrel 5400 in order to get all recorded/saved data to transfer to the computer or if I can get the data onto the computer without the LiNK.

    With the LiNK (Bluetooth) version, you can either use the Kestrel USB Bluetooth Dongle or the Kestrel 5 Series USB Data Transfer Cable. Both the Dongle and Cable are available separately in our Kestrel Accessories Section. With the standard, Non-LiNK model, you will need the Kestrel 5 Series USB Data Transfer Cable to transfer data to a PC or a MAC. All Kestrel 5xxx series Meters are compatible with the
    Kestrel 5 Series USB Data Transfer Cable.

  • I'm interested in the Kestrel 5400 with LiNK but I'm not sure if we require the Vane Mount for our application. Can I get the 5400 with LiNK without the Vane Mount and Vane Mount case?

    Hi! The Kestrel 5400 with LiNK is only available with the Vane Mount and Case while the Kestrel 5400 standard model is available without the Case and Vane Mount. Thanks!