Kestrel Agricultural / Livestock Meters

Reliable Weather in the palm of your hand, not a weather station hundreds of miles away.

Kestrel has been building weather and environmental meters for over two decades. For many farmers, a pocket Kestrel meter has been their standby tool for monitoring conditions for spraying, irrigation, harvesting and processing. Kestrel also has developed some of the most advanced meters on the market for monitoring human heat stress in athletics and demanding work scenarios. Kestrel has brought its farming experience and technical and physiological expertise to bear to develop affordable, easy-to-use solutions to allow cattlemen and dairy operators to accurately measure and monitor cattle heat stress conditions without reference to complex tables and spreadsheets.

Kestrel’s line of Agriculture Meters includes handheld and portable solutions for heat stress measurement specific to dairy and beef cattle. The Kestrel 5400AG Cattle Heat Stress Tracker can be easily set up for a particular group of cattle with simple menu picks for animal and environment variables. It can then be mounted at the pen where it will automatically track day and night conditions and calculate the current AHLU. You can even receive alerts on your mobile phone signaling the right time to implement heat stress management plans for maximum effect with minimum cost.

 The Kestrel 5000AG Livestock Environmental Meter captures and logs vital information on micro-climate conditions allowing you to make informed, data-backed decisions to better manage the overall health and productivity of site operations. This unit provides critical measurements and calculations needed for herd health, ventilation assessments, grain storage management, nutrition strategy development, livestock protection, and more. Easily upload and analyze weather information with an optional wireless data transfer feature or connect to a laptop using a Dongle accessory.

 Kestrel 5500AG Agriculture Weather MeterThe Kestrel 5500AG Agriculture Weather Meter is a complete tool designed to meet the needs of agriculture production, both livestock and crop. This lightweight, handheld, multi-function meter can be used inside and out for barn/facility environmental assessments, commodity storage, and field and spraying monitoring. With optional wireless data transfer, current and logged data can be easily sent to your mobile device or laptop.

The Kestrel DROP D2AG Livestock Heat Stress Monitor is a small data logger that tracks temperature, humidity and THI in any indoor or outdoor location. Extremely low cost and easily read on your mobile phone from up to 100’ away, you can afford to place many Kestrel DROPs around your facility.

Each of these products were engineered with input from cattle heat stress experts for maximum utility and ease of use: Dr. Daniel Thomson, Kansas State University; Dr. Tom Noffsinger, Production Animal Consultation; Dr. Kev Sullivan, Bell Veterinary Services; Dr. Donald Spiers, University of Missouri.

The Kestrel Cattle Heat Stress trackers were developed for producers to improve summer heat stress management and maintain herd performance, minimize production losses, protect cattle and increase their bottom line.