Kestrel 5700 Hornady 4DOF Ballistics Weather Meter with LiNK + Free Tactical Case

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The Kestrel 5700 Hornady® 4DOF® advanced handheld Ballistics Meter for long range hunters and shooters offers next level accuracy for first round hits at extended ranges.

Free Tactical Case Special!

For a limited time, get a FREE Gerber Tactical Case ($25.00 Value) with each purchase of this meter! Just purchase the meter. We will add the case(s) to your order.

The Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF quickly and accurately determines long range holdovers and windage corrections to get you on target with first round hits. This all-in-one unit combines real-time environmental measurements with the 4DOF ballistics calculator for a rugged and dependable, compact yet powerful long-range shooting tool. No more DOPE cards, guessing at the wind, or being unsure where your bullet will hit when you change elevation.

The Kestrel Hornady® 4DOF® (Four Degrees Of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator:

Determines trajectory solutions based on projectile Drag Coefficient (not Ballistic Coefficient), combined with exact physical modeling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties. Additionally, it is the first publicly available calculator that will accurately determine the correct vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind; referred to as Aerodynamic Jump (AJ).

The Hornady 4DOF® also accurately calculates angled shots by accounting for important conditions that current programs overlook. The use of Drag Coefficient and the calculation of Aerodynamic Jump enable the Hornady 4DOF® Ballistic Calculator to be the most accurate trajectory calculator commercially available.

Kestrel 5700 Portable Weather Station:

Every Kestrel 5700 Meter is also a fully functional portable weather station. Kestrel is known internationally for having the most accurate, dependable and durable weather meters. They are the preferred handheld weather meter of the USA Military, Wildland Firefighters and many other professions where having a accurate, durable, waterproof and drop-proof weather meter is critical.

Free app:

Download the free Kestrel Ballistics app for iOS (iPhone – iPad) or Android. You can use the app to Build and manage your gun/bullet profiles and download them to your Kestrel 5700 before you set out to the range or match. The Kestrel 5700 Hornady 4DOF Ballistics Meter can store (3) gun profiles and (1) target.

At the range or match, secure your Kestrel 5700 to a tripod using the optional Kestrel Vane Mount and use the Kestrel Ballistics app to quickly adjust the target range and view the shooting solution without leaving your shooting position. Using the Kestrel 5 Series Vane Kestrel Mount will also let the meter populate wind speed and direction automatically to the built-in 4DOF software. It’s like having a meteorologist and ballistician standing next to you while you shoot.

The Kestrel 5 Series platform offers a large, high-resolution and contrast display with ease of font readability. It also includes a built-in dual color backlight, extra-strong polycarbonate lens, AA battery operation and optional LiNK iOS and Android wireless connectivity and app support. Like all Kestrel meters, the Kestrel 5700 is drop-proof, dust-proof, waterproof and able to withstand harsh environments without damage– so it can accompany you to the range or hunt for years to come. A range of carry pouch options makes it even easier to take your Kestrel 5700 with you.

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  • Can I upgrade my current 5700 to the Hornady 4DOF version?

    The 5700 Ballistics Meter uses Applied Ballistics Software and cannot be converted to a 5700 Hornady 4DOF. Thanks for the question!