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Kestrel 2000 Questions and Answers

Q: Do the 2000 or 2500 models record the lowest or highest temps over the previous 24 hours? I sleep outdoors and want to compare equipment such as tents bags etc with an accurate overnight low rather than guess.
A: The Kestrel 1000 - 3500 all have auto shutoffs to preserve the battery. The Kestrel 5 series Meters and Kestrel DROP data loggers will record data extended long periods of time. They will display real-time or recorded time stamped data which is downloadable or accessible using the meter.

Q: What units under $200 bucks do you have for weather geeks? I'm interested in Barometric Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Altitude and Wind Speed.
A: To get all of that for under $200, check out the Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter.

Q: I have about 100 or so Kestrel 2000 Anemometers that are used in the arctic on the BP oil fields. They have been used a lot over the last few years. I need to order some new fans or impellers I believe they are called. Where can I find them in your store?
A: Glad to hear the Kestrel's are working out for you! You can find the impellers here: Kestrel Replacement Impeller for all Kestrel Meter Models.

Q: Interested in purchasing a Kestrel 2000 wind meter and need to know if it is calibrated when purchased and has paper work showing the dates of next due date?
A: All Kestrel Meters are tested to be within spec before they are released for sale. Each meter comes with a Certificate of Conformity but it is very generic. If you need date specific NIST testing certificate with date range traceable to serial number, purchase NIST testing with certificate along with the meter.

Q: How accurate is the wind speed and temp.
A: Every Kestrel is tested to NIST stardards before shipping. If you think the accuracy is off, you might just need to reset the meter. To do this, remove the battery cover and battery from the back of the meter. Then press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Then replace the battery and cover. Power it up.

Q: Are the Kestrel 2000 and Kestrel 3000 the same accuracy for wind measurements?
A: All of the Kestrel Meters use the same 1" user replaceable impeller and wind speed sensor so yes.

Q: How do you turn on the backlight on the 2000 Wind and Temperature Meter?
A: The backlight should turn on automatically. If the backlight feature is not activated, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to activate the backlight feature. Press and hold for 10 seconds to manually deactivate the backlight feature.

Q: Is the Kestrel Rotating Vane Mount for 5000 series Meters - 0782, compatible with the Kestrel 2000 Hand Held Thermo Meter? If not which one is?
A: The Kestrel 5 series vane mount will not hold a basic series (1000-3500) meter. We do have a vane mount for basic meters here: Kestrel Basic Series Rotating Vane Mount.

Q: Does the Kestrel 2000 measure relative humidity?
A: The 2000 only measures wind speed and temperature. Here are the Kestrel's that measure relative humidity: Kestrels that measure RH.

Q: What is the typical accuracy of temperature readings on Kestrel meters
A: You can find Kestrel Specifications here: Kestrel Specifications

Q: I have a Kestrel 2000 and need a new battery cover
A: You can find replacement battery covers and o-ring for your Kestrel 2000 here: Kestrel 2000 Replacement Battery Cover.

Q: Does 2000 come in other colors or only green thanks
A: The Kestrel 2000 is available in green only.

Q: When turning the 2000 on and off, does it STAY on the last select screen/reading. Meaning, I main am interested in wind speed, I will read the wind and put the meter away. I will then pull out the meter and turn it on, will it open on the wind speed screen or will I need to arrow over to get back to the wind speed screen?
A: Your Kestrel will stay on the last screen you left it on when it was turned off or turned off automatically.