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Applied Ballistics Custom Drag Models

Applied Ballistics has been providing custom drag models for use in trajectory prediction for the past several years.

Custom Drag Models (CDM’s) for bullets are a more refined way of modeling drag for bullets because you’re not referencing a standard like G1 or G7, rather you’re using the actual measured drag of a specific bullet in a ballistic solver. This results in more accurate trajectory predictions especially thru transonic.

G1, G7, Applied AB Custom Drag Models

Applied Ballistics has measured and characterized the BC’s and drag models for over 815 modern bullets.  Historically, one of the biggest challenges of calculating accurate trajectories was properly modeling the aerodynamic drag of bullets.  Applied Ballistics ongoing live fire research in this area has elevated the state of the art by reducing the uncertainty in this area.  In summary, the measured CDM’s provided by Applied Ballistics have increased the accuracy of ballistic solvers.  These CDM’s are available for all 815+ bullets in the AB library, and run on the various platforms and devices which run the AB program.  This is the state of the art, in your hands.

G1 and G7 standard drag curves

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