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Kestrel DROP FAQ's

Kestrel DROP FAQ's - ExtremeMeters.com

Amit Jivani |

What does the Refresh button do on the Stats screen?

The Stats page shows the data that is currently stored in the logger on the DROP. Currently you need to disconnect and reconnect to acquire more data, so the Refresh is useful only during an active download. You can hit the Refresh button to populate more Stats as they are in the process of being downloaded to the application.  

How do I get additional data onto the Kestrel LiNK (Formerly Kestrel Connect) application after a download?

You must disconnect and then reconnect the DROP to get any additional logged data uploaded into the program. You can do this by closing and re-opening the program as long as Device Power Saving is turned ON.

How do I save battery life on the DROP if the DROP is idle?

Set the logging rate to the max, 12 hours. You could set the data refresh rate to its max, 1 minute, but that will only have an effect when connected to the DROP. Also if you connect to the DROP in colder weather, this will affect battery life more than in warmer temperatures. If possible, warm up the DROP before doing a data upload to Kestrel LiNK to help with battery life.

When I move the DROP to a new location should I rename it?

This is really just personal preference. If the DROP name is related to its location or purpose, then obviously changing the name would be helpful each time.

Can the same DROP be accessed on multiple phones / devices independently?

Yes. Once you make the settings to the DROP (custom name, logging rate, data refresh rate), those settings stay with the DROP itself. This means that all anyone else would have to do is download the Kestrel LiNK(Formerly Kestrel Connect) app from the iTunes App store and connect to the DROP to access.

Can the DROP be accessed by multiple devices simultaneously?

No. Once a device is connected to a DROP, another device will not be able to connect to the DROP until the first connection has been closed.

How do I read the logged data and print it out?

To read the data that has been logging on the DROPs, all you have to do is simply connect to the DROP with your iOS device and the data log will be downloaded. You can tell it’s downloading by looking at the DROP’s name near the top of the screen, as you’ll see a spinning graphic and a percentage that changes over time. Once it has reached 100%, you’ll have to navigate to the Stats screen using the menu at the bottom of the app. There you’ll find an Export Data button at the top which you can use to email the data log to yourself and then print it out.

My DROP is not connecting to Kestrel LiNK (Formerly Kestrel Connect) on my device, what should I do?

1. Make sure you have an device that is compatible with Kestrel LiNK. Compatible devices include: iPhones- iOS 6 installed; iPhone 4s or later. iPad: 3rd generation or later.  Android 4.3 and higher. Works with most Android devices with Bluetooth Smart®, including Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 4, Motorola Droid and other recent generation phones and tablets.

2. Make sure Bluetooth is ON on your device.

3. Make sure the battery tab has been pulled and power is on the DROP. It may be necessary to replace the battery if the light doesn't come on when you press the black button on the front of the DROP.

4. If the battery tab is pulled out, try taking the battery itself out of the DROP and reinserting. Also, make sure there isn't any metal or obstructing objects between the DROP and your device.

If none of these steps work, contact our technical support team at support@ExtremeMeters.com.

Where can I find my barometric pressure for my DROP D3 on the Kestrel LiNK(Formerly Kestrel Connect) Application?

There is no barometric pressure reading on the DROP D3. Currently only station pressure is provided. Station pressure is the pressure felt at the current location without adjusting for altitude. Station pressure is used in applications like ballistics and auto racing. Typically barometric pressure is only used for weather related phenomenon. Barometric pressure may be added in a future release.

When will the DROP be available for use with Android devices?

Yes, the DROP works with both iOS AND Android Devices. Click here to learn more about Kestrel LiNK for Android.

When setting range, you don't seem to be able to set an end date. Does the DROP just continue logging until you stop it?
Yes.The DROP will always be logging data if the battery is in the unit. There is no way to turn logging off without removing the battery, although you can set the frequency to every 12 hours.

How much data can I store on the DROP?

The D1 can store 13064 data points. The D2 can store 8165 data points.And the D3 can store 6220 data points.

What is a data point? Does 1 measurement constitute a “data point”? 

A data point is a collection of all the measurements at a set point in time. In other words, if you record the temperature, humidity and pressure at 12:00 AM, all these numbers will constitute a single data point. Thinking of a data point as a “data set” may help.

How long can I record data before I need to connect to upload the data log? I want to collect data for X amount of days, what should I set the data logging rate at?

Data Points: 13064
Logging every 2 seconds - Fills up after 7.5 hours
Logging every 10 minutes - Fills up after 90.7 days
Logging every 2 hours - Fills up after 544 days

Data Points: 8165
Logging every 2 seconds - Fills up after 4.5 hours
Logging every 10 minutes - Fills up after 56.7 days
Logging every 2 hours - Fills up after 340 days. 

Data Points: 6220
Logging every 2 seconds: Fills up after 3.4 hours
Logging every 10 minutes - Fills up after 43.2 days
Logging every 2 hours - Fills up after 259 days

What will happen when my data logger becomes full?

This is dependent on a setting for the DROP in the Manage Data Log section. If you go to Manage->Manage Data Log, you will notice a Wrap Log toggle button. If the Wrap Log toggle button is slid to the right (indicates ON), then the oldest logged data will be overwritten when the data logger is full. If the slide is to the left (indicates OFF), then no more data will be collected when the data logger becomes full.

You can find all Kestrel DROP's here.

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