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Accurate Wind Speed Readings with the Kestrel 1000 Handheld Anemometer

Accurate Wind Speed Readings with the Kestrel 1000 Handheld Anemometer - ExtremeMeters.com

Mike “Mitch” Michinok |

Wind Speed is a critical reading to have for many people.

Whether it is a crane operator on the job site or a sail boat captain keeping track of the knots they are making or using the Beaufort scale to determine the strength of the wind, the Kestrel 1000 is your meter. The Kestrel 1000 is also a very handy companion to have when hiking or camping. Knowing your wind speed could help you in your decision making if hiking near drops and ridges. Wind speeds of 45-50 MPH could blow you off of your feet! That could lead to a serious injury on a ridge or a drop off. You will also want an accurate reading. You should consider how and where the meter was made. Having the knowledge that your meter wasn't mass produced in a sweat shop, on a mass scale in some country that doesn't have any legal fears of liability could leave you with a wind meter that will fail when you need it the most and doubting it's accuracy. Did you know that every Kestrel Meter is designed and built in the USA? Every Kestrel is tested for accuracy against NIST certified instruments before leaving the factory. The Impeller itself is wind tunnel tested at high and low speeds. The Kestrel 1000 will give wind readings from 0.3 to 134.2 MPH with a guaranteed accuracy from 1.3 to 89.5 MPH. The 1000 as with all Kestrel Meters is equipped with a user replaceable impeller so in a few years of use, just order another impeller. We have them here in our accessories section for $15.00. If you are considering a wind meter, be sure to keep the Kestrel 1000 at the top of you list. Here is a list of reasons:

Kestrel 1000 Features:

  • Simple 3-Button Control
  • High Contrast, Sunlight Readable Monochrome LCD Display
  • CR2032 Coin Cell Battery (Average Life 300 Hours)
  • Data Hold Function
  • Drop-Tested to MIL-STD-810G
  • Waterproof to IP67 (3'/1M for 30 minutes)
  • Kestrel Certificate of Conformity
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Patented Impeller and Sensor Technology
  • Slip-On Protective Cover
  • Time of Day
  • User-Replaceable Battery
  • User-Replaceable Impeller
  • Waterproof & Floats
  • Designed and built in the USA

If you have any questions about the Kestrel 1000 or any of our instruments, please ask!



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