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Introducing the Kestrel 3500FW Fire Weather Meter

Introducing the Kestrel 3500FW Fire Weather Meter - ExtremeMeters.com

Mike Michinok |

If you are a wildland firefighter, chances are you either own a Kestrel Meter or know someone who does. For years, the Kestrel 3000 has been the wildland firefighters choice for accurate environmental readings including wind speed, temperature and humidity. While the Kestrel 3000 is as popular as ever, NK Kestrel has come out with a new Fire line of weather meters. One such meter is the NK Kestrel 3500FW or 3500 Fire Weather Meter. In addition to the Kestrel 3000's readings, the 3500FW includes updated features such as web bulb, altitude and barometric pressure readings. All features were considered and focused on the needs of the firefighter. If you are a firefighter, you are most likely familiar with two important calculations. Probability of Ignition or (PIG) and Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM). Each NK Kestrel 3500FW comes with an easy to read (PIG) / (FDFM) reference card. With this card, and the 3500FW, you will be able to make these calculations quickly. The Kestrel 3500FW is waterproff to IP67 and Mil-spec-810G drop tested. This durable device is not only designed and manufactured in the USA but is built for the abuse a fire line can bring.
Each 3500FW comes with a lanyard and a hard rubberized case which slips over the entire meter, keeping the impeller and screen safe from damage when tossing it in your pack. If the impeller ever is damaged or after years of use, you feel the wind speed could use calibration, pick up a new Kestrel replacement impeller and easily replace the old one with no tools required. The NK Kestrel 3500FW comes in safety orange and retails for $199.00 USD. The NK Kestrel 3500FW Meter includes a 5 year manufacturers warranty, certificate of conformity and can be field calibrated with the Kestrel RH Calibration Kit.
If you would like a meter that automatically makes these calculations, logs environmental data for realtime observation or later viewing and adds wind speed to the mix, consider the NK Kestrel 5500FW Pro. The 5500FW Fire Weather Pro meter comes in safety orange and is available with and without (LiNK) Bluetooth.

ExtremeMeters.com is a NK factory authorized Kestrel dealer. We carry all Kestrel Meters and accessories and over 99% of our orders ship the same of following business day. If you have any questions about our fire weather line of meters or anything else, please let us know!

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