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Trusted & Accurate Portable Weather Monitoring for Firefighters

Trusted & Accurate Portable Weather Monitoring for Firefighters - ExtremeMeters.com

Mike M |

For over two decades, wildland firefighters have relied upon Kestrel Weather Meters to provide accurate, fast and reliable measurement of weather conditions on location.

As every firefighter knows, weather conditions are one of the most critical variables in fighting a fire. Wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity are all measured frequently, tracked in detail, and entered into fire behavior models to inform decisions about deploying personnel, materials, and suppression tactics such as digging a fireline.

The Kestrel line now includes a full range of meters and loggers, including models with built-in Probability of Ignition (PIG) and Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM) readings. Wireless data transfer to smart phones and tablets using Kestrel LiNK™ makes communicating real-time conditions easier than ever. Heat stress prediction models help keep personnel safe from heat injury during training and operations.

Kestrel Fire Weather Meters are ready to take measurements instantly, with no setup or lookup tables required. PRO meters have the FDFM and PIG tables built right in, and log temperature, humidity and pressure even while off.

“As a United States Aerial Delivered Firefighter, I require the best gear available to accomplish our missions. The Kestrel Fire Weather Pro weather meter provides me with the highest technology made to date. I count on precise measurements on a fire or any other emergency incident. Kestrel is my choice for professionals,” explains Jason A. Ramos, a veteran firefighter and author of the memoir, Smokejumper.

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