Frequently asked questions about Kestrel Ballistics Meters.
February 02, 2015 — Mike M


Anonymous said:

Hi Walter,
You need to download the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics App on your iPhone or iPad for the the meter to make the connection. Open and connect through the app once it is installed. Just be sure you have Bluetooth turned on with your iPad and iPhone. You can also use the Kestrel LiNK app for iPhone / Pad but that app is just for environmental info so your meter can double as a portable weather station.

Kestrel LiNK Ballistics App:

Kestrel LiNK App:

Walter said:

Hi, I am having trouble getting my Kestrel Elite with Bluetooth LiNK to connect to my iPhone and iPad. Can you help?

Anonymous said:

Hi Jim,
Sorry your Horus will always be a Horus. Same for the Applied Ballistics. The meters are internally different and cannot be reprogrammed with different ballistics software though they can be upgraded to different versions of their own software.

Jim Sullivan said:

I have a Kestrel 4500 with the Horus ballistic program with blue tooth. Can I have Kestrel reprogrammed to Applied Ballistics for a fee ?

Anonymous said:

Michael, You should be able to Pin to the Taskbar. I just did it with Kestrel Communicator on Windows 8.1. For the Gunloader, make sure the you are trying to pin the actual application file (.exe) file to the taskbar instead of a shortcut. Some people try and pin the shortcut to the taskbar and this is what doesn’t work. Thanks!

Anonymous said:

Hi Roger, The 1000-3500 series meters have an automatic shut off which keeps the battery for draining if left on too long. Besides that, you would need to physically read the meters by hand to see the wind speed. You might want to either consider Bluetooth 4000 series meter mounted on a Kestrel vane mount or find a home weather station. You can find the vane mount in our accessories section. Thanks!

Michael said:

Hi, I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro. How can I get the Gun Loader, Communicator, etc. program icons on my Desktop? Pin This Program to Taskbar or Start commands do not work.

Roger Halquist said:

Can the Kestrel, 1000 Anemometer wind meter or 2000 wind and temperature meter be mounted to a 50 to 75 foot pole permanently, so I can record an average wind speed and temperature for a year. I need this information to determine if I have enough wind speed to generate electricity! Or is their a more suitable application?

Mike said:

Hi Sam! No, you will not lose your information when changing batteries. Thanks for the questions!

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