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Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter -

Kestrel Environmental Instruments

Designed & Built in the USA. Military Tough, Waterproof & Extremely Accurate.

Extreme Meters is the largest stocking Kestrel Instruments dealer in the U.S.A.

  • All Kestrel Instruments

    U.S.A. Designed & Built portable environmental instruments with quality and durability in mind. If you are serious about accuracy and you want an instrument that lasts, Kestrel's are for you.

  • Kestrel 3550AG Pocket Delta T Crop Spraying Weather Meter -

    Basic 1000 to 3550 Meters

    Ease of use with only three buttons to operate. Waterproof, dropproof and come with a slip-on case. Check out the latest 3550AG and 3550FW models which include Bluetooth Low Energy Data Transfer.

  • Advanced 5000 - 5500 Meters

    Imagine a fully functional weather station in the palm of your hand. Add a vane mount and a tripod for accurate wind direction. The 5 series meters not only report real-time data but record it too. This data can be viewed on the meter or downloaded to a PC, MAC or smartphone (LiNK Models)

  • Kestrel DROP D3 Bluetooth Data Logger - Temperature | Humidity | Pressure -

    "DROP" Bluetooth Dataloggers

    Just drop it or hang it just about anywhere you need environmental data recorded. The DROP is waterproof so rain wont hurt it. Let it record data which you can retrieve later using the Kestrel app and your smartphone.

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NK SpeedCoach Paddle Sports Performance Monitors

Whether it's Rowing or Paddling, we have the Speedcoach for you!

NK Rowing & Paddle Sports Monitors

  • NK SpeedCoach SUP 2

    The NK SpeedCoach SUP2 Performance Monitor is designed for stand up paddleboarders, delivering high-contrast data on speed, cadence, glide, and calorie burn in a completely waterproof package. The Training Pack software comes standard for programming workout ahead of time, as well as recording and uploading data wirelessly to a computer or mobile device.

  • NK SpeedCoach OC 2

    The SpeedCoach OC 2 provides athletes with precise, high-visibility data about speed, rate, and smoothness in a waterproof casing. Versatile, it can be used with an impeller (OC 6) in a dynamic water environment or shifted to GPS mode to enable completely wireless time splits and distances. The Training Pack features come as standard. Plan tasks in advance, initiate and log practice and race pieces in real-time, and wirelessly upload data to a desktop or handheld for more thorough analysis subsequently

  • SpeedCoach® GPS - Model 2

    The SpeedCoach GPS 2 is the top rowing performance monitor, providing metrics on speed, stroke rate, distance, and time. Use it with or without an impeller (sold separately), with increased accuracy when connected. Now with the Training Pack accessories included, users can pre-program their workouts, start/record strokes hands-free, and wirelessly transmit data to a PC or mobile device. Compatible with the EmPower Oarlock, the SpeedCoach GPS is NK's premier connected rowing system.