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Waterproof, Durable and they Float! Every Kestrel is tested to NIST certified instruments

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Designed for the wildland firefighter in mind. Get the environmental data on-site in real-time

Kestrel Fire Weather

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Headlamps designed for dependability and durability

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I needed urgent for my K2 winter expedition. I was on the last min and needed the goods to be sent in Iceland. Their chat online worked 100% and I was able to add on one extra peace even after I checkout. They send with UPS same day and I had the package 3 days later here in Iceland. ExtremeMeters works and has good service I recommend them.

John Snorri

I ordered the Kestrel 3550FW meter. Received email notifications reporting the progression of my order up to delivery, which was much quicker than I'd expected. Couldn't be more pleased with the product and service.


Great customer service ! Quick response on questions and fast shipment to Europe ! These materials are the best ! A very satisfied Belgian customer.. I'll be shopping with you again.. Thanks !


The service was prompt and cordial. The Kestrel is used to measure wind velocity and temperature when applying pesticides for agriculture crop production. It is also used to measure weather conditions for livestock comfort.

Arlyn Midtgaard

Extrememeters answered ALL my questions, - were totally professional - were EXTREMELY respectful to me - were a REAL pleasure to chat with ALL BEFORE I PURCHASED THEIR PRODUCTS MOST SINCERE THANK YOU AND APPRECIATED

Michael Larkins

The website was easy to navigate and placing an order was effortless. Shipping was extremely quick. My order was in my mailbox before I knew it. I started to use the meter immediately; it is excellent for my needs.

L. Vann

NK Speedcoach SUP & OC Performance Monitors

Keep track of your Stand Up Paddleboard and Ocean Canoe progress

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Our products are brand new and carry full factory warranty!

Headlamps designed for durability and energy conservation

PETZL Headlamps

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What is the best Kestrel Basic Meter (1000-3550) for me?

Kestrel Weather Instruments have become known worldwide as the most dependable and durable handheld weather instruments on the market. We are often asked which meter is the best one to buy? Well, t...

Kestrel 1000 MeterAccurate Wind Speed Readings with the Kestrel 1000 Handheld Anemometer

Accurate Wind Speed Readings with the Kestrel 1000 Handheld Anemometer

Wind Speed is a critical reading to have for many people. Whether it is a crane operator on the job site or a sail boat captain keeping track of the knots they are making or using the Beaufort sca...

3550FWSay hello to the Kestrel 3550FW Fire Weather Meter with Bluetooth

Say hello to the Kestrel 3550FW Fire Weather Meter with Bluetooth

Keeping track of weather conditions is crucial to determining which actions wildland firefighting crews should to take. Whether it's during an actual fire or assessing the environment for the proba...

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