Kestrel Firefighting & First Response

Designed to provide fast and accurate measurement of the critical weather conditions impacting the behavior of wildland fires.

Kestrel Fire Weather Meters empower firefighters with the real-time and trend data to make critical decisions in their mission to protect lives, houses, and property while ensuring safety for everyone involved.
All Kestrel Fire Weather Meters provide wind speed, relative humidity, temperature, psychrometric wet bulb temperature, altitude, pressure trends, barometric pressure, dew point temperatures, heat stress index and wind chill environmental measurements. The enhanced Pro Series has a digital compass for wind direction, preloaded tables for Probability of Ignition (PIG) and Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM) as well as on-screen graphing history. Pro series with optional LiNK wireless connectivity sends current and logged weather and heat data to mobile devices keeping crews informed, prepared and most of all, safe. Also, see the Kestrel 3000. The Kestrel 3000 has been and is another popular choice with wildland firefighters. While not part of the Fire Weather Meter line, the 3000 reports wind speed, humidity, temperature, dew point, wind chill and heat stress index.