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Environmental & Ballistics Apps which work with Kestrel LiNK enabled Instruments

Environmental Apps

Pendragon Forms

Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters and DROPS

Create mobile solutions requiring temperature, humidity, wind speed and heat stress readings.

Pendragon Forms now provides the ability to capture environmental readings from the Kestrel 5000, Kestrel 5400 and Kestrel DROP series devices and write the data directly into a custom offline mobile solution. Using the Forms interface designer, organizations can rapidly create their mobile solution and sync the data to a centralized source. Mobile device users can collect data offline after downloading forms to their devices.

The captured data can be integrated into a complete mobile workflow by displaying the meter readings, triggering events such as warnings, and more generally be recorded in context with other required mobile data such as GPS readings, photos, and environmental observations


Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters and DROPS

Wizkers.io can be used for temperature and humidity, environmental and health sensors. It can log and graph a large variety of environmental sensors, even in situations with unreliable Internet connectivity.

compatible with Mac OS, Windows XP to Windows 10, Linux, Android and iOS. It even runs as a standalone server on most cloud platforms or embedded devices. In other terms, you can say goodbye to platform compatibility headaches and focus on user experience instead.

Compatible with: Mac OS, Windows XP to Windows 10, Linux, Android and iOS. It even runs as a standalone server on most cloud platforms or embedded devices. In other terms, you can say goodbye to platform compatibility headaches and focus on user experience instead.

Blueforce Development

Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters and DROPS

The Shared Weather Intelligence System by Blueforce measures a multitude of important weather telemetry that includes wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) using a dry bulb (DB), globe temperature (GT), and relative humidity (RH) sensor. Wind speed and wind direction provide manned and unattended real-time awareness where plume intelligence is critical to life safety.

Readings from the Kestrel device are monitored in real-time using a free software plugin running with the Blueforce Tactical for Android (BTAC) product. The system automatically transmits readings via BTAC to any and all subscribed Blueforce users providing an additional layer of life safety to those who protect our cities and nation.

Compatible with: Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x, Windows XP/Vista/7, Android 2.2, iOS

Ballistics Apps

Hornady Ballistics

Hornady Ballistics (4DOF)

Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters with LiNK

Hornady Ballistics features advanced 4DOF trajectory and ballistic calculations based on Doppler Radar measured bullet drag coefficient inputs. Also includes BC based calculator and ammo library.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Applied Ballistics App for Android

Applied Ballistics

Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters with LiNK and DROP D3

Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range rifle shooting. Accounts for all major and minor trajectory variables including the use of measured G7 BC's and even the option to use custom drag curves for specific bullets.

Output is available in several formats including single shot 'HUD' view, table output, graph output, and the highly effective reticle output view, in which you can see a single shot or trajectory trace in the context of a specific scope reticle which responds to magnification adjustments and 'dialing on' elevation.

Compatible with Android only

Strelok Pro

Strelok Pro

Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters with LiNK and DROP D3

Strelok PRO is a ballistic calculator that is compatible with the Kestrel DROP Wireless Data Logger . It can use G1, G7 and custom drag-functions and calculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient.

Available on iTunes

  • Select a reticle from the list (610 reticles) and see holdovers at any magnification.
  • 1584 bullets database
  • 1737 cartridges database
  • Calculate spin drift, coriolis effect, gyroscopic stability factor and vertical deflection of crosswind.
  • iPhone 6 internal barometer support
  • Kestrel DROP Kestrel 5000 series with LiNK support (Not compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G or any earlier iPAD or iPOD generation)
  • Supports imperial and metric units.
  • Density Altitude support

Available for iOS



Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters with LiNK and DROP D3

BallisticsARC is powered by an advanced 3DOF solver and includes a bullet library that is continuosly updated. We offer 3 operating modes (Map, Chart, and Comp) designed to allow users to leverage unique mission specific features. 

BallisticsARC offers an option to select whether the user would like to use the compass on the Kestrel or the mobile device.

Available for iOS and Android devices.



Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters with LiNK and DROP D3

Shooter is a highly accurate ballistics calculator for the Android mobile platform (v1.6 and higher). Shooter's primary goal is to provide accurate shot solutions quickly and easily when in the field. This is done by utilizing a proven-accurate and fast ballistics solver coupled with an advanced, intuitive user interface supporting features like firearm and ammunition profiles (so you never have to enter the same data twice) and options to use your device's hardware (GPS, Accelerometer, Compass) to help you input shot-data both quickly and accurately.

Available for iOS and Android devices.


Works with Kestrel 5 series Meters with LiNK and DROP D1, D2, D3

Learn to get the most out of your range-finding reticle. Mil-Dot Ballistics combines fast range estimation with a full featured ballistics calculator that’s simple to use. Real-time calculations provide instant range estimation and ballistics calculation to get you on target fast.


  • Kestrel DROP wireless data logger integration automatically updates atmospheric conditions.
  • 3DOF point mass ballistics engine
  • 249 mil, MOA and IPHY reticle designs, including reticles from Carl Zeiss, Nightforce Optics, Kahles, Vixen Sport Optics, Premier Reticles, Primary Arms, Schmidt and Bender, SWFA, U.S. Optics, and Vortex Optics.
  • Two modes of Range input: Calculate range from target size and sub tension - allows you to estimate range to targets at unknown distances and Direct range input for known distance targets
  • Real-time solution information
  • Extensive bullet / cartridge library includes American Eagle, Barnes, Black Hills, Federal Fiocchi, Fusion, Hornady, Lapua, Norma, Nosler, Remington, Sellier & Bellow, and Winchester.
  • Support for variable BC information
  • Ballistics chart (Range, Elevation, Windage, Velocity, Time Of Flight, Energy)
  • Ballistics graph (Elevation, Velocity, Energy)
  • Reticle Drop Chart
  • Adjusts for atmospheric conditions for current and zero conditions (Density Altitude or Altitude, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity)
  • Get accurate local pressure using the barometer in iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • Use GPS location to set current atmospheric conditions
  • Fast range estimation
  • Moving target lead calculation
  • Correction for coriolis effect
  • Correction for spin drift
  • Optimum point blank zero calculation
  • Point blank range calculation
  • Configurable windage / elevation hold display (mils, MOA, IPHY, clicks)
  • Target size presets
  • Second focal plane scope support
  • Fast windspeed / direction adjustment
  • Three ways to input line of sight angle (Angle in degrees, Cosine of angle, Automatic using device accelerometer)
  • Fast target speed adjustment
  • Target speed presets
  • Training mode (practice your range estimation skills)
  • Point of impact indicator
  • Bullet drop compensation display
  • Secondary solution info display for non-critical data
  • Create unlimited ballistics profiles
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Full Retina display support
  • Print range cards
  • More reticle designs coming soon, stay tuned!

Version 4.5 is now available!

Available for iOS and Android devices.