How do I pair my Kestrel 5 series meter with a mobile device? -

How do I pair my Kestrel 5 series meter with a mobile device?

Make sure Bluetooth® is turned ON on your phone. On the Kestrel, go to the Main Menu->Bluetooth and turn it ON. Press the center button while Bluetooth is highlighted and...
April 07, 2017 — Amit Jivani
Kestrel DROP FAQ's -

Kestrel DROP FAQ's

What does the Refresh button do on the Stats screen? The Stats page shows the data that is currently stored in the logger on the DROP. Currently you need to...
January 28, 2017 — Amit Jivani

Tips for taking accurate measurements with your Kestrel Meter

"All measurements not available in all units" Temperature Functions For best accuracy when taking temperature measurements you must keep the air moving around the temperature sensor and keep the Kestrel...
March 19, 2016 — Mike M

How to determine if your Kestrel 4 Series Weather Meter has Bluetooth

M ost 4000 series Kestrel Meters come in two versions, Non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth. Here is a simple way to determine if your meter has Bluetooth. Look at the LCD screen....
May 29, 2015 — Mike M
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I don't think my wind speed is reporting correctly. What can I do?

The Issue could be the impeller or the unit itself. Try the following steps to see if the impeller is bad. Pop out impeller and then reinsert to see if...
March 30, 2014 — Michael Michinok

Altitude / Barometric Pressure Calibration of your Kestrel Meter

Start with a known:  Either Current Baro Pressure or Current Altitude NK Recommends identifying their current altitude Enter this reference altitude on the barometric pressure screen. For K123s, you would...
March 30, 2014 — Michael Michinok

When should I recalibrate my Kestrel Meter's sensors?

Recalibration Recommendations: Kestrel Humidity Sensor Can drift up to +/- 2% for every 24 months. This is independent of whether or not the Kestrel is being used. Recommend every 2...
March 30, 2014 — Mike M