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Q: I'm trying to measure gusty wind speeds. Does your instrument coast when the wind dies quickly?
A: The Kestrel impeller will move with the slightest movement of air. The wind speed is calculated as a three second average so the display is not so sporadic.

    Q: I need a battery cover for my 1000 wind meter
    A: We have the Battery doors in our parts section. You can find them here: Kestrel 1000 Replacement Battery Door

    A: All Kestrel Meters come with a Certificate of Conformity. If you need actual documented data traceable to a serial number good for 12 months, you would need a NIST certificate. To do this, place both the Kestrel 1000 and the NIST wind speed certificate in the cart and order at the same time. If you require multiple meters, please place an equal amount of NIST Certificates in the cart. The NIST certification take around usually 5-7 days.

    Q: It is used in oil & gas industry - if you have a more appropriate model, please let me know - maybe something very sturdy.
    A: If you are interested in just wind speed, the 1000 is the one you are looking for. All Kestrels are very sturdy. As a matter of fact they are drop-tested, to MIL-STD-810F, they are waterproof and they float. Kestrel's are highly used in industrial applications.

    Q: Can the Kestrel 1000 wind meter measure velocity and temperature together?
    A: The Kestrel 1000 does measure wind speed but it does not measure temperature. The Kestrel 2000 would be the next basic meter up in price and does measure both wind speed and temperature.

    Q: What is the warranty period and procedure for the Kestrel 1000?
    A: All Kestrel Meters carry a 5 year manufacturers warranty. You can check it out here: Kestrel 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

    Q: I have a Kestrel 1000 and it seems that my wind speed is always less than others. Is there a way to calibrate the 1000?
    A: Usually, the Kestrel will give a more accurate reading than other anemometers. If you feel your Kestrel is out of calibration, you can order a replacement impeller. The impellers are all calibrated before they leave the manufacturing facility. You can find them here: Kestrel Replacement Impeller. Though they are built to last, like all moveable parts, Impellers do wear down after time and lose a little less than 1% after 100 hours of usage at 16 mph. We recommend standard users to replace the impeller every 2-3 years. If you have any other questions, please ask!

    Q: Bonjour ,est ce que cet appareil mesure t’il bien en Km/h et si il enregistre bien les rafales max ? Merci
    A: Salut, Oui, le 1000 mesurera la mesure en KM/H. Le 1000 enregistrera également la rafale de vent maximale. Il stockera la mesure de la rafale de vent tant que le compteur est allumé.

    Q: What is the maximum speed it will; measure.
    A: The maximum wind speed the Kestrel will display is 134.2 MPH. Anything over 134.2 MPH could damage the impeller. The operational range where the meter is guaranteed to be within specifications is 89.5 MPH.