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Kestrel DROP D2 Bluetooth Data Logger - Temperature | Humidity

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  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Heat Stress Index
  • (1) CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Instructions
  • Certificate Of Conformity (Spec Sheet)
Downloads / Specifications:

5 year manufacturers warranty.

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The Kestrel DROP is a highly durable environmental data logger that is incredibly easy to employ.

Monitor and record the conditions of any environment and easily access and chart real-time and historical data on your phone or tablet. A Kestrel DROP D2 logger can be placed wherever needed to log temperature and humidity with the data logs retrieved wirelessly and automatically to the Kestrel Connect app when within range(up to 100ft.). Kestrel DROP data loggers are designed to be used anywhere you need to track environmental conditions. DROP loggers meet military and international standards for water, dust and shock resistance (IP-67-30 minute submersion at 1m and MIL-STD-810G drop tested) and are equipped with a sturdy D-ring for hanging wherever needed.

    All you need is a DROP and a Smartphone with the free Kestrel LiNK app!

    Kestrel LiNK is the free app that powers the DROP loggers. With Kestrel Connect, you can view real-time readings from any DROP logger within wireless range (100’ or more line of sight) via Bluetooth® low energy Each phone or tablet can connect to up to 8 DROP loggers at the same time and store data logs from many more. Min/Max/Average readings are clearly displayed and the log is viewable as a scrolling graph with detailed data for each logged point. The app also allows adjustment of the logging interval and other settings as well as real-time threshold alerts. Readings can be updated as frequently as every 2 seconds and logging time and date are automatically updated whenever connected to your smart device. Send and share real-time and logged environmental data via email, Facebook or Twitter.

    DROP D1-D3 Data Points:

    DROP D1:  Data Points: 13064

    • Logging every 2 seconds - Fills up after 7.5 hours
    • Logging every 10 minutes - Fills up after 90.7 days
    • Logging every 2 hours - Fills up after 544 days

    DROP D2:  Data Points: 8165

    • Logging every 2 seconds - Fills up after 4.5 hours
    • Logging every 10 minutes - Fills up after 56.7 days
    • Logging every 2 hours - Fills up after 340 days. 

    DROP D3:  Data Points: 6220

    • Logging every 2 seconds: Fills up after 3.4 hours
    • Logging every 10 minutes - Fills up after 43.2 days
    • Logging every 2 hours -  Fills up after 259 days

    Battery Life:

    • The battery life will vary based on usage.
    • For baseline conditions and settings*, the battery will last approximately 6 months. *Temp = 75°F, Logging Rate = 10 Minutes, Update Rate = 30 seconds.
    • Battery life will be reduced by:
      • Colder conditions
      • More frequent logging or update rates
    • Downloads of large data logs (or firmware updates) are best completed with a fresh battery and in temperatures above 10°C / 50°F.


    • iOS 6 installed iPhone 4s, iPad 3rd generation, iPod Touch 5th generation and above.
    • Android 4.2 and higher. Works with most Android devices with Bluetooth® low energy, including Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 4, Motorola Droid, and other recent generation phones and tablets.


    Ask a Question
    • I am interested in using the Kestrel D2 out in nature to record local climate data at an experimental site. Can the battery life last more than 6 months if I record data once every hour or two even through winter temperatures (Othello, WA to Atomic City, ID, Santa Rosa Mountains near McDermitt, NV?

      Here are some thoughts on battery life
      • Cold conditions, frequent logging rates, and frequent log downloads will all shorten battery life.
      • When downloading extremely large data logs or making firmware updates, avoid using low batteries and conditions below 32°F/0°C.
      • Estimated battery life at the baseline settings programmed into your DROP when shipped from the factory (10 min logging rate, 5 sec connection rate) and room temperature (77°F/25°C) is about 4 months. Intensive logging and connection settings (2 sec logging rate, constant connection) can reduce battery life to as little as 11 days.

    • I need a gauge to measure heat & humidity under plastic tunnels. Which thermometer works best?

      We recommend Kestrel D2 DROP. You can leave it in place then come back and when within Bluetooth range download the readings using the Kestrel LiNK app and a Android or iOS phone or tablet. You can also view real time readings when within range when needed.

    • Can the Kestrel D2 connect to my phone if it\'s placed on the outside of my RV and I\'m inside the RV? I need to see the temperature/humidity while inside but I\'m not sure if it\'ll connect through the wall.

      The DROP is good for about 100 feet of unobstructed distance. I use one here which is just outside the office but it really depends on what is between you and the DROP.

    • Is there any calibration data available for these meters? Can they be calibrated?

      Hi, This is from the certificate of conformity which will be included with every Kestrel:

      "This instrument was produced under rigorous factory production control and documented standard procedures. It was individually inspected and leak tested and the functioning of its buttons, communication and firmware was verified. The accuracy of each of its primary measurements was individually calibrated and/or validated against standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) or other calibrated standards in accordance with the documented standard test methods detailed below. This instrument is warrantied to perform in compliance with the published specifications for the specific measurements and features of its model number including specified typical drift since its date of manufacture."
      You can find the C of C for all Kestrel's here.

      Also, yes this item can be recalibrated if you notice some drift in the readings after some time but that would not be required for some time.