New Firmware Release 1.20 for Kestrel 5700 and 5700 Elite Meters

New Firmware Release 1.20 for Kestrel 5700 and 5700 Elite Meters -

03/14 Update

Just released! Version 1.20 is the latest firmware release from NK for the 5700 Ballistics Meters. After tweaking 1.17 for some needed improvements 1.20 became the latest revision. If you have trouble updating using your Ballistics APP on your smartphone, you may need to delete the app and reinstall. Note, by deleting the app and reinstalling it, you will lose any settings you have programmed in the app but not the meter.

New firmware release includes new modes, new features and many improvements! It also includes a new email our core allowing for solutions out to 5500 yd. This firmware is an update to the Kestrel 5700 and 5700 Elite Meters. Check out the video below by Doc Beech of Applied Ballistics describing some of the exciting new features!

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Mike M

Mike M

Hi Steven,
I understand how anxious you are as are we to get the latest firmware version. As we stated in this blog, 1.17 is not going to be the next firmware. At this time, it looks like 1.20 but that could change. The version you have now and what we are currently shipping is the latest fully functional version available. Try updating from time to time. When the next update is available, you will be able to update your meter. If you have any other questions, let me know!


Steven Gasper

Steven Gasper

No dates/times on videos, How do I get Firmware 1.17? On the Phone or computer, or both? Anxious to get “Easy” mode going and more info, on 1.17 as in a written write-up as found in an Instruction sheet. Thanks, Steve

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