What do the latest Kestrel firmware updates 1.27 & 1.28 include?

    V 1.27

    Release Date: 06/25/19

    Update includes:
    • Adding Hornady 4DOF Kestrel 5700 model
    • Fixes issue with solution when toggling between o'clock and degrees
    • Firwmare update no longer deletes gun profiles!
    • Changes some minimum ballistic values
    Meters affected:
    • Hornady 4DOF

    V 1.28

    Release Date: 06/26/19

    Update includes:

    • Fixes issue with BW and BD when transferring 4DOF bullet files

    Meters affected:

    • Hornady 4DOF

    V 1.26 was passed over and never released.

      July 21, 2019 — Mike Michinok

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