Collection: Nist Calibration

Every Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meter and DROP is individually calibrated and tested to be within specification at the time of manufacture as follows:

  1. Every wind impeller, including all replacement impellers, is individually wind-tunnel tested against a time of flight ultrasonic anemometer calibrated by NIST.
  2. Every humidity-measuring instrument receives a two-point NIST-traceable calibration and is verified at a third intermediate value against a factory-calibrated hygrometer.
  3. Temperature and pressure are functionally checked and verified against a NIST-traceable calibrated standard or reverified intermediate standard.

For users who require a fully-documented NIST-traceable calibration service. Full before/after data is reported and shown on the calibration certificate. Instruments may be calibrated at the time of purchase. To order one or more of the NIST calibrations, please add your meter(s) to the cart along with the certification(s) of your choice. This is a one for one calibration service. If you order multiple meters, please add just as many calibrations in the cart. If you order multiple meters but only need one meter NIST certified, please specify which meter you need certified in the notations area during checkout.

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