Kestrel Replacement Battery Door / Cover for Basic Meters

Original Kestrel Battery Door
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  • Battery door
  • Spring
  • O-Ring

Replace your lost or damaged battery door with a brand new OEM door.

Lost your Kestrel battery door? Is your door broken? Moisture can leak into your Kestrel with just one broken tab. Keep your Kestrel's insides safe from damage. Our Kestrel replacement battery door / covers are the original battery doors. Each door comes with a replacement gasket keeping a tight fit for years to come. All Basic battery doors are made to the same dimensions so any color you choose would fit any of the basic meters. 

Important: The 1000-3500 battery doors will only fit the current model, not the original flat top and bottom models which were manufactured 10-20 years ago. The newer style models have a curved radius above the battery door area for a finger hold.


What's included:

  • (1) Battery Door with spring
  • (1) Gasket


Ask a Question
  • Does this Kestrel battery cover for the 3500nv come with the spring also. I broke the tabs off my battery cover and lost the spring as well.

    The battery door includes the door with spring and a new o-ring gasket. If you have any other questions please ask!