Setting up Strelok Pro Ballistics app with your Kestrel 5500 with LiNK & Vane Mount

Setting up Strelok Pro Ballistics app with your Kestrel 5500 with LiNK & Vane Mount -

We get asked on occasion how to pair the Strelok PRO Ballistics app on an iPhone or Android device with a Kestrel 5500 with LiNK or Kestrel D3 Ballistics DROP. Strelok PRO is a Ballistics app designed by Igor Borsov and retails for $11.99

The Kestrel 5500 with LiNK, Vane Mount and case: Retails for $399 USD.

The Kestrel D3 Ballistics DROP: Retails for $129 USD

To get started,

  1. Download the Strelok Pro app to your smartphone.
  2. Open the Strelok Pro app on your smartphone.
  3. Pair your Kestrel with the App by selecting the Impeller symbol with the Bluetooth logo.
  4. Select "YES" to save (your Kestrel Meter name).
  5. You will then see your Kestrel's enviromnentals display on the Strelok PRO screen.
  6. To calibrate the Kestrel to the app, Click "Calibrate" in the app and follow the instructions.

That's it for setting it up! You can now start entering your bullets, scope, gun, and target info. If you have any other questions, let us know!

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If you purchased a Kestrel 5 series meter, you would choose Kestrel 5X00. Thanks!



under weather stations it has got
kestrael 5×00
kestral drop
weatherflow meter
iwt windmaster
skywatch bl100
.which one do i choose

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