Kestrel Basic Series Rotating Vane Mount

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This portable rotating vane mount works great with Bluetooth enabled Kestrel Basic Series Meters.

Currently only the Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Meter, 3550FW & 3550AG are the only Kestrel Basic Series Meters with Bluetooth. This vane mount will keep your Kestrel Basic Series Meter oriented with the wind.

This vane mount is compatible with the following meters:

  • Kestrel 1000
  • Kestrel 2000
  • Kestrel 2500
  • Kestrel 2700
  • Kestrel 3000
  • Kestrel 3000HS
  • Kestrel 3500
  • Kestrel 3500FW
  • Kestrel 3500DT
  • Kestrel 3550AG
  • Kestrel 3550FW

Comes with a Kestrel Draw String Pouch


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