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Kestrel Environmental Fire Weather Instruments - Durably designed for Firefighters

Kestrel Environmental Fire Weather Instruments - Durably designed for Firefighters - ExtremeMeters.com

Mike Michinok |

Firefighters and other first responders understand that weather impacts their ability to fight a fire, make rescues, and save lives.

Wind speed/direction, temperature, and humidity are essential metrics for informed decision-making about deploying resources and executing suppression tactics.

The Kestrel line features a wide selection of meters/loggers with in-built Probability of Ignition (PIG) and Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM) readings. Kestrel LiNK™ wirelessly transmits real-time conditions to smartphones/tablets, while heat stress prediction models ensure personnel safety during operations/training.

Wildland firefighting is an essential activity for civilian and governmental organizations alike.

Kestrel Fire Weather Meters offer accurate on-site readings for successful fire management strategies. In particular, the PRO models allow users to track conditions and view trends directly on the device. Plus, the free Kestrel LiNK app lets you send detailed data reports. With the PRO versions, NWCG PIG and FDFM tables are already incorporated, eliminating the mess of paper lookup tables. Instant readings and logging of temperature, humidity and pressure even while off are also possible. No setup or lookup tables necessary.

Kestrel 5500FW Fire Weather Meter PRO with LiNK

When managing a prescribed burn, environmental conditions must be within specified requirements to ensure compliance and prevent the fire from getting out of hand.

A Kestrel Fire Weather Meter can provide wind speed, gust, avg., temp., and humidity readings, but assessing numerous sites can be a time-consuming process. The Kestrel DROP D3FW Fire Data Logger records days of temp. and humidity data, which can then be transferred wirelessly to a mobile device or sent via email using the free Kestrel LiNK app. With this data, the most suitable time of day for the burn can be identified quickly and easily. Plus, the DROP D3FW is fully-sealed and highly durable like all Kestrel Fire Meters.

Kestrel D3FW Fire Weather DROP Datalogger
Urban firefighting necessitates precise wind velocity estimations PRIOR to utilizing ladders and accompanying apparatus, for which a Kestrel stored in the glove compartment is the ideal solution. Furthermore, with a Kestrel Meter at hand, the risk of a wildland fire affecting urban areas can be calculated, thus allowing for proper evaluation of fire weather and anticipated behavior. Kestrel products are a convenient and reliable way to measure and predict wind conditions in firefighting and wilderness contexts. Their intuitive, user-friendly design makes them an invaluable tool for firefighting personnel.
Kestrel 3550FW Fire Weather Meter with Compass and Bluetooth
Kestrel's Fire Weather Meter PRO with WBGT provides firefighters with waterless WBGT readings, pre-programmed ACGIH guidelines and alert settings, making it the perfect instrument to measure and monitor heat stress in training and operational settings, helping to prevent heat-illness or injury. The Fire Weather Meter PRO with WBGT takes into account sun, fire, or hot surface radiant heat, making it a comprehensive tool for keeping firefighters safe during difficult conditions. It offers a range of features including one-handed operation, high-visibility display, and waterproof design for reliable performance in extreme environments. Protect your team with the most accurate temperature monitoring instrument available.
Kestrel 5400FW PRO with WBGT,PIG,FDFM and Bluetooth
First responders can access essential weather data within seconds of arriving at the scene without any complex setup thanks to the Kestrel 5500FW with LiNK wireless communication and Portable Vane Mount. This complete Hazmat and NBC Response kit can measure all parameters necessary for CAMEOALOHA and PEAC plume modeling. Outfitting each department vehicle with a Kestrel response kit allows personnel to measure and record life-saving data anytime, anywhere. The Kestrel 5500FW ensures accurate and reliable readings quickly, so first responders can access real-time data to make the best decisions in hazardous situations.
Kestrel 5500FW Fire Weather Meter PRO
Firefighters rely on Kestrel meters to obtain critical information on current weather data, recognizing that accurate and up-to-date weather information is essential for maintaining safety and effectively fighting fires. Kestrel meters are the trusted choice of professionals due to their reliable accuracy and fast response times - both essential for making informed decisions in hazardous environments. Check out the complete fire weather line of instruments.

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