Kestrel 3000HS Handheld Heat Stress Weather Meter

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Accurate Heat Stress measurements, on-site and real-time

The Kestrel 3000HS (MPN# 0830ORA) gives you real-time environmental monitoring keeping you from working past your limits.

Get the power of real-time, on-site environmental conditions monitoring with the Kestrel 3000 Heat Stress Monitor.

Professional and collegiate athletic trainers, storm chasers and wildland firefighters alike understand the importance of monitoring field conditions. You know you’re working hard - make sure you’re staying safe.

  • Real-time environmental monitoring keeps you from working past your limits.
  • From the accurate relative humidity readings, the Kestrel 3000 also calculates dewpoint and heat stress index —important information to know when working or playing outdoors in hot and humid conditions.
  • Used by NFL trainers to determine how frequently the athletes need to hydrate, and when the conditions are unhealthy for strenuous exercise.
  • Highly recommended equipment for wildland firefighters—users whose lives literally depend on the accurate weather data their Kestrel 3000 provides.
  • Calculates wind chill. A useful measurement for monitoring athletic teams or workers in cold environments.


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