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ERICKHILL EMF Meter Hard Storage Case for RT-100 & ER02

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The ERICKHILL Special digital electromagnetic field radiation detector case is unlike any offered by other brands. It fits not only ERICKHILL EMF Meters but also most other detectors of similar size.

Robust Construction:

  • This storage box is crafted with durable EVA material, offering shock-resistance and unrivaled sturdiness to guarantee top-notch safety of the device inside any environment.

Exceptional Safeguarding:

  • This hard case offers 4 layers of defense, staving off any harm or abrasions as a result of accidental bumps and falls, guaranteeing that the meter remains unaffected in any setting.

Convenient Design:

  • This travel bag features a comfortable, frosted-feel hand for superior convenience and ease of use, along with a hand strap for portability. Inside, a storage net bag is provided for safely stowing accessories, and a fixed elastic band secures the meter. Additionally, a smooth double-zipper metal closure permits swift opening and closing.




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