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Lithium CR2032 Replacement Battery for Kestrel 1000-3550 Meters (2 Pack)

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Time for a new battery for your Kestrel Basic Meter? How about (2)? With a shelf life of 10 years, these batteries will have the power you need for years come.

These batteries will work with any of the Kestrel Basic Meters as well as any product that accepts CR2032 batteries.

Works with the following Meters:

  • Kestrel 1000
  • Kestrel 2000
  • Kestrel 2500
  • Kestrel 2500NV
  • Kestrel 3000
  • Kestrel 3000HS
  • Kestrel 3500
  • Kestrel 3500DT
  • Kestrel 3500NV
  • Kestrel 3500FW
  • Kestrel 3550AG
  • Kestrel 3550FW


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